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TüV Rheinland Academy
Topic TüV Rheinland Academy

We offer more than just the transfer of technical know-how! Benefit from personnel certifications, digital learning formats and our dual vocational trainings.

Topic Functional Safety of Machinery

Ensure the Quality and Functional Safety of Your Machines

Topic Plastics Testing

Get your products evaluated and tested for legal compliance - covering everything from flexibility to impact tests, scanning electron microscopy analysis, etc.

Topic Materials Testing and Inspection

TüV Rheinland has a long history of providing materials testing and inspection services to global customers.

Topic Type testing of vehicles, systems and components

An internationally safe path to type approval for new models of vehicles, systems and components.

Topic Electrical Accessories Testing and Certification

Ensure Compliance of Electrical Accessories with International Safety Standards.

Topic Pre-Shipment Inspection

Ensure that equipment ordered conforms to specifications - with our pre-shipment inspection (PSI) services.

Topic Managed Security Services for your IT Safety

Place your IT security in good hands with our managed security services.

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TüV Rheinland Group

Learn more about TüV Rheinland Group, the leading provider of technical services worldwide.

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Carrers in TüV Rheinland (India).

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Find all TüV Rheinland addresses and locations worldwide

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