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Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

Key figures 2018:

  • € 1.99 billion
  • of which Germany accounted 55%
Annual average number of employees
  • 20,450 of which 8,795 are based in Germany
Earnings before interest and taxes
  • € 137.5 million
Profit margin
  • 6.9%
  • €91 million
Business streams (rate of revenue)
  • Industrial Services 24 %
  • Mobility 24 %
  • Products 25 %
  • Academy & Life Care 11 %
  • Systems 10%
  • Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity 6%

History: from DüV to TüV Rheinland

The history of the TüV Rheinland Group is the story of its growth from a regional testing organisation into an international provider of technical services. Today, the corporate group is active worldwide. The company can trace its origins back to 1872, when a group of entrepreneurs founded the Dampfkessel-überwachungs-Vereine (DüV) or Steam Boiler Inspectorate as their own independent organisation dedicated to ensuring technical safety.

Milestones in development

1872 Founded as the “Verein zur überwachung der Dampfkessel” (Steam Boiler Inspection Organization) in the districts of Elberfeld and Barmen
1877Merger to create the “Rheinischer Dampfkesselüberwachungsverein” (DüV) (Rhineland Steam Boiler Monitoring Association)
1936Renamed to “Technischer überwachungsverein K?ln” (TüV) (Cologne Technical Monitoring Association)
1962Renamed to TüV Rheinland e.V.; six locations in the Rhineland area with 600 employees
1970First subsidiary founded outside Germany
1993TüV Rheinland AG founded
1997TüV Berlin-Brandenburg and TüV Rheinland merged to create TüV Rheinland Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
2003Merger with TüV Pfalz to form TüV Rheinland Berlin Brandenburg Pfalz e.V.
2005Integration of LGA as well as two large Hungarian test institutes
  • Joined the United Nations Global Compact
  • integration of two leading Brazilian test service providers
2007 Foundation of the company in Australia, represented on all continents
2010With the acquisition of Geris, TüV Rheinland becomes the largest technical test service provider in Brazil
2012 60 percent of the employees of TüV Rheinland work outside Germany
2014 By means of corporate acquisitions in the IT security sector, TüV Rheinland becomes one of the world’s largest independent testing service providers for information security
2017Completion of the expansion and energy renovations at the site of the Group headquarters in Cologne with investments of almost €70 million


pdf Corporate Report 2018 9 MB Download
pdf An Overview of TüV Rheinland 2 MB Download
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